Meet Hope Lane (the band)

Meet HOPE LANE: 4 young sibling musicians that became a band in 2018 at ages 11, 9, 8 and 6. Hope Lane writes, records, publishes, and distributes original songs, music, and videos. In 2023 alone, Hope Lane has over 1 million views of their videos on YouTube & Instagram with a global following of loyal fans on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, and YouTube.

In 2023 alone, Hope Lane has over 1 million views of their videos on YouTube & Instagram

Hope Lane has a catalog of original music released worldwide. The band released several singles in 2021 and their first full album, “It’s All Us” in December 2022, adding to their unique catalog of original music streaming on all major digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and more).

All four young siblings are songwriters and singers, and each play multiple instruments. Hope Lane’s sound is mature for their age. Fans say their sound is a unique blend of Justin Bieber, JVKE, Jonas Brothers and Hillsong Young + Free. Their music bounces around the pop genre weaving in and out of Pop, Christian Pop, Dance, R&B-Pop, and Pop-Country.

  • Hope Lane (The Wells siblings) were tracked down (2x) by America’s Got Talent (AGT) scouts (2018, 2024 seasons).
  • Hope Lane was selected and featured as one of the most influential young people in Palm Beach Illustrated’s “30 Under 30” feature article in the March 2022 Platinum issue.
  • Hope Lane’s live Instagram reels (‘#PajamaJams’, ‘#mondaymotivation’, and ‘#fridayfunnies’) are viral hits with with over 1 million views (as of May 2023).
  • Hope Lane often kicks off MLB games with their original acapella arrangement of the National Anthem.
  • The band loves to perform live at local public venues, and they are frequently booked to perform at large private events.
  • Hope Lane wrote the official theme song “Just Surf It” for the kids TV show “Gizmo’s Woof Chat” airing on PBS in 2023.

Fun Fact: Hope Lane (the band) is managed by their mom (Kara Wells), who spearheads creative direction, social media and co-songwriting, and their father, Robert W Wells (RWW Music), who is the band’s producer, co-songwriter and music director.

The Wells family’s mission is ‘Influence = Change’. We believe music is a universal language. The power of healthy mainstream music can positively impact people of every culture and our mission is to be a light in dark places. We founded Hope Lane Media, Hope Lane Records, and ARELIA to further our family’s mission.